Dina Zulueta

School Head, Program Facilitator/Designer

Hi! I’m Dina, a parent, a teacher and a student (not in that order, but mostly all at the same time). I am the school head and program facilitator/designer at Kids’ Cabin and I love every bit of it, especially now that the whole team and I are reshaping early childhood care and education in the Philippines. What I love most about my work is how technology has widened my view of the early years: I learn and remain up-to-date with the developments in this field of study. I modify these, as needed, to fit our way of life.

Paulina Zulueta

Admin Officer

Hi! I'm Pau. I enjoy my time in Kids' Cabin by helping teachers conceptualize activities and celebrations that will help in spicing up the students' stay at Kids' Cabin. Seeing the kids, parents and teachers enjoy our activities is the best part of my day. I am into learning more about graphic design in order to make Kids' Cabin awesome in info-graphics.



Hi! I'm Lana, I work as an educational consultant for Kids' Cabin. What I like the most is being a parent. It taught me valuable life skills like being compassionate to myself and make it overflow in my parenting. I also love sharing my experiences (hence Smart Tinker was born) and getting engaged in thoughtful discussions about parenting, children and education. I love learning. We can never be too young or too old to learn.