This program provides an awesome environment for learning. Playgroups enables the kids to learn more about themselves. It also helps teachers and parents discover what the children are capable of. Playgroups comprises of various activities involving play, arts, music and of course… even more play. Through the years, Kids’ Cabin has discovered, and is mastering, the importance of play and mingling with peers in early childhood education. Play has done wonders for all who have walked through Kids’ Cabin’s doors, and the magic of play has never failed to amaze parents and teachers alike.

Kids’ Cabin welcomes mistakes and questions and values arts. We understand and take advantage of arts. Coloring outside the lines, painting with fingers, exploring paint and clay, using pencils and crayons, and making a complete mess of the arts room; these are all part of learning and exploring a child’s full potential.

Preparatory School

Kids’ Cabin Preparatory School, Inc. offers Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten. Our programs adapt to the individual, and not the other way around. KCPSI is an environment that allows kids to freely express who they are. This environment is a host of love, trust, and care. An environment that allows children to build relationships with peers and teachers.


Held every Monday Wednesday and Friday
Schedule : To be arranged upon inquiry