Our Background

Kids’ Cabin is a preschool that is poles apart from traditional preparatory schools in the Philippines. Our uniquely designed programs are the products of research and experience aimed at giving the young child a good shot at being a compassionate, creative and critical thinking individual. All mixed-in, this becomes the foundation to be successful in school and in life.

In 2001, Kids’ Cabin was originally opened as a child care center that served as an alternative haven for children. Our playgroups became a venue for building relationships, exploring the environment and enriching the child’s social and emotional experiences. Ever since, the school has evolved in tune with what’s new, and what works in early childhood care and education.

Today, we use Developmentally Appropriate Practice. The NAEYC first published a position statement on DAP based on an understanding of how children develop in their familial and cultural contexts. At Kids' Cabin, we value who the child is and we give support for what the child can become.


What is DAP?

To understand what Developmentally Appropriate Practice is, we need to have a shared idea of what each of these 3 words mean.
Since developmentally obviously pertains to development, these words may come to mind: maturation, growth, learning to walk, learning to talk, all of which are progressive changes in movement and behavior. I remember the joy I felt in each of these firsts by my daughters when they were little (do you?) ─ the first time they hold their heads up, lie on their bellies, sit, crawl, stand, walk, run, jump! And when all of these skills are combined, they develop this into a concerted act of participating in children's games!

Appropriate means "just right". Experiences and activities that are just right: physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. We may find it appropriate for a Grade 4 student to sit still, listen to the teacher and participate in the classroom discussions for an hour or so, but not a preschooler. Without a well developed sense of time, a toddler needs to explore the environment, run around, tap toys, and dig dirt. Why? Their brains are growing and developing rapidly as well, and unseen. Needed so badly along with this growth and development are the adults in the child’s environment from which thinking, emotional and social skills developmental needs should be met.

This is where the third word, "practice," comes in. It is what we actually do. We translate these into acts at Kids’ Cabin. We help translate these into acts at home and in the community where the child belongs... because after all, we are who the little ones turn to.


Guided by its vision and mission, the school aims to:
1. Implement brain-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that recognizes the uniqueness of each student.
2. Allow socialization experiences through various activities designed to enrich children socially and emotionally.
3. Provide the appropriate environment for free interaction with other children.
4. Create alliances with parents guided by the expertise of the members of the school’s multi-disciplinary team.

To realize its vision, the school is committed to harness compassion, creativity and critical thinking skills in children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Kids cabin is a place relied upon by families and the community to develop lifelong learners. We provide a learning community that inspires children and families to wonder, create, and discover.