Kids' Cabin offers Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten. Kids' Cabin is an environment that allows children to freely express who they are. We want to be hosts of love , , and care, in order to help children build relationships with peers, and adults alike.









Our Background

Kids’ Cabin is a preschool that is poles apart from traditional preparatory schools in the Philippines. Our uniquely designed programs are the products of research and experience aimed at giving the young child a good shot at being a compassionate, creative and critical thinking individual. All mixed-in, this becomes the foundation to be successful in school and in life.

In 2001, Kids’ Cabin was originally opened as a child care center that served as an alternative haven for children. Our playgroups became a venue for building relationships, exploring the environment and enriching the child’s social and emotional experiences. Ever since, the school has evolved in tune with what’s new, and what works in early childhood care and education.